Victoria Lee

DESIGNER + founder

I have always been a visual person. I’ve always loved magazines, I would look at them not to read them but to observe them. The way they made me feel, the way the elements would interact on a page, the shapes of the letters, the relationships of colours, the tone of voice and visuals, everything led me to curiosity and inspiration.

I have also always valued a curated space. There is something about walking into a room and taking a deep breath. Being in a space that nurtures you. Noticing the sunlight peak through the windows, the textures of materials around you, the spacial flow and opportunity for movement.

I believe in thoughtful design. I am detail oriented and a hard worker who dreams big.

I have just completed the communication design program offered by Emily Carr and BCIT and I am currently living my dream life on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver, BC with my fiancé and our sweet pup Brucey.